Bring your photobooks to life

Bring your photobooks to life

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Tips for creating standout photo books


Making your own photo album is a fun experience and a great way to preserve your favourite memories.


Here are some ideas of photo books for the big events in your life…


Holiday photo books

Tell the story of your holiday with a series of pictures that reflect the start, middle and end of your trip. For example, a photo of you packing your suitcase, one of you arriving at your destination, perhaps some snaps of you having fun on the beach, then a pic of you enjoying a meal on your last night.


Tip: For the front cover of your holiday photo book, choose a picture that encapsulates your trip. It might be a road sign of the place you stayed, or if you’re on the beach you could draw your holiday destination and the date in the sand.


Baby photo books

Photo albums are a fantastic way to document your pregnancy. Taking a photo of your bump every week is one idea, as well as photographing your favourite pregnancy meals. When your little one does arrive, recording their first days and weeks in a baby photo book will be a great momento in years to come.



Tip: Taking photos of the cards and flowers you receive will add a dash of colour to your baby photo book


Wedding photo books

Creating a wedding album made up of your guests’ photos will capture the magic, excitement and personality of your big day. It’s the little details, like the bride’s dressing table and the groom tying his tie, as much as the group photos that will help make your wedding photo book so special.


Tip: Take photos of the notes or cards on which the father of the bride, groom and best man have their written their speeches. It will make a fun addition to your wedding photo book!


Year books

What better way to remember the things you’ve done in the last 12 months than by creating a year photo book. From family gatherings and birthdays, to days out, holidays and special events, your photo year book is a collection of memories to look back on and enjoy in the future.


Tip: Been to any shows, concerts or festivals? Include photos of the tickets in your year book.


More ways to celebrate your photos

Don’t keep your favourite photos stored away on cameras, computers and smartphones, use them to create personalised phone cases, T-shirts, mugs.